The Acoustic Products Division (APD) delivers high quality turn-key products for underwater positioning and oceanographic activities.

By combining inertial and underwater acoustic technologies fully mastered by iXSea, APD has developed a unique range of innovative and performing positioning systems, which deliver outstanding performance in the most demanding conditions.



(Global Acoustic Positioning System)

The precalibrated Global Acoustic Positioning System combines USBL, INS and GPS technologies. The most accurate USBL in the category, it works in extremely deep or very shallow waters and difficult enviroments where other systems have failed.


  • Pre calibrated
  • 4,000 m range, accuracy 0.2% of the slant range*, 200 deg coverage
  • All-in-one system, simple to use
  • Provides absolute position as well as surface GPS-robust position


  • No mobilization/demobilization: fully operational in less than 1 hour
  • Adapted to all applications: shallow and deep water, and noisy environments
  • Easily transferrable from one vessel to another
  • Robust to acoustic and GPS hazard


  • Towfish tracking AUV
  • ROV and any subsea vehicle
  • Diver Tracking



Ultra deep, long range USBL

Posidonia is an USBL positioning system with high accuraccy and ultra long range positioning of subsea vehicles. It is unique on the market with its combination of CHIRP multifrequency coded signals and digital processing.


  • Extremely long-range up to 8,000 m and accurate up to 0.3% of slant range*
  • Low frequency band, CHIRP modulation, robust to noise and multipath
  • Compatible with OCEANO Transponders range
  • Compatible with iXSea's inertial sensors (PHINS OCTANS, HYDRINS...)



  • Deep tow operations with no need for second tracking vessel
  • High-performance even in extremely adverse conditions
  • A wide range of transponders available for all applications
  • Added flexibility and improved performance


  • Deep towfish tracking
  • AUV, ROV and any deep sea vehicle tracking
  • Pipe/cable laying operations



Oceanographic Acoustic Releases

Rugged and reliable, Oceano is soitable for all mooring applications in all seas and enviromental conditions with their low power consumption and corrosion resistance.


  • Proven reliability
  • Very low power consumption, full ocean depth
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Wide user track record for all market segments


  • Safety of the mooring (corrosion, battery life, command coding)
  • Long-term moorings in all seas even at low temperatures
  • Low or no maintenance costs
  • Wide range of products for all applications


  • Oceanographic moorings
  • Long-term instrumented moorings
  • Polar research observatories
  • Extreme environmental conditions
  • Spool pieces installation
  • Template installation
  • Cable/pipe laying
  • Heavy load handling