Fleet Operations Solution puts fragmented services in shipping under one umbrella to lift synergies and improve operational processes

By upgrading to FOS, onboard ECDIS stops being just another system and turns into a solution capable of handling and simplifying numerous tasks thereby significantly reducing operational expenses and safety risks.

New generation of ECDIS offers smarter way of utilizing this powerfull tool.

  • Route planning happens on latest nautical charts resulting in a route always safe to sail
  • Built-in weather optimisation to find safe and most fuel efficient route
  • Data and charts are automatically delivered, no ordering, no USB
  • SmartLog allows ship-to-shore reporting with most data already¬†pre-filled
  • A mobile tablet on board is used for SmartLog and¬†
  • 'take me home' ECDIS backup
  • Real time vessel and fleet tracking (no AIS holes)
  • Advanced Eniram vessel digital twin to enable further optimisation opportunities

Connected ECDIS enables real time monitoring of all parameters ensuring vessel safety and voyage efficiency but also connects ship with its destination avoiding time spent on anchorage, consequently reducing amount of fuel burned during voyage.

With special focus and years of experience in cyber-security we can be certain that all information exchanged is in safe hands.