Together with Speedcast we can cover all Your satellite communication needs providing high-quality, always-on and unlimited usage broadband connectivity with wordwide coverage. 

Being designed for the Maritime and Offshore industries SeaCast system delivers:

  • real-time
  • broadband
  • always-on
  • worldwide coverage
  • fixed fee

connectivity at sea. 

SeaCast enables shipping and offshore companies to integrate their fleets and platforms into their corporate network, providing seamless connectivity.

What does it mean?

  • Monthly fixed fee service that offers real-time, always-on, broadband connectivity with unlimited usage
  • A range of stabilized antennas ranging from: 100 cm for Ku-band,and 240cm for C-band.
  • Full Turnkey solution providing equipment, satellite bandwidth, teleport services, access to the Internet, installation and maintenance.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 worldwide support.
  • Ku band services work with 100cm maritime VSAT antennas and C band services works with 240cm maritime VSAT antenna, covering most of the key shipping trading lanes and offshore regions.
  • Both Ku and C-band maritime services offer various broadband speeds to suit all customers’ requirements.

How can I use this?

  • Broadband connection - ship-to-shore internet connection for emails, files and other data transfers
  • Voice Calls : SpeedTalk - voice communication using VoIP service and also Fax and PABX
  • Video Transmission: SpeedCam - video surveillance service over your VSAT link
  • GSM Mobile Calls - usage of your own GSM mobile phones at your own privacy
  • Secure Corporate Network Access : SpeedStar - security solutions for your network
  • Remote access and diagnostics : RAM - remote maintenance allowing us to troubleshoot your vessel systems without ever attending the vessel
  • SpeedCast Monitoring And Reporting Tool : SMART - Track your fleet and monitor your network performance


System structure overview: