What is an MFD??

Transas uses common hardware platform for ECDIS, RADAR, CONNING, ALARM MONITORING providing highest level of integration towards other equipment so its only logical that those functionalities can be interchanged on one workstation.

Essentially, it can be described as ALL IN ONE workplace.

Main Features:

Safe Navigation and Easy Operation
- Provides all the information you need, via the user-friendly and intuitive menu system.
Information System and Decision Support
- A continual flow of information for presentation of the crucial and most needed navigational information and objects.
Choice and Customization
- New and practical options enable system customization, including multiple operation modes with charts in up to 7 different formats.
Sensor Integration
- Connects all available onboard navigation data sensors and systems, such as: two positioning systems, gyro, log, two ARPAs, AIS, echo sounder, autopilot, navtex and more. Planning and Forecasting Includes powerful tools for passage planning, weather routing and calculation, and environmental tide and current databases. Weather forecasts, with the optional SPOS weather and route planning tool, are integrated with NS 4000.
- Direct effects on fuel consumption, voyage times & work time.


Integration benefits

  • Navigator-friendly environment for One Man Bridge operation reduces workload and stress
  • Clear and consistent man-machine interface for intuitive and convenient operation
  • Enhanced functional integration of navigational data
  • System redundancy: all functions of ECDIS, Radar and Conning can be available on all MFD’s onboard
  • Palettes synchronization in all 3 applications
  • Sensor redundancy and double network ensures data integrity and reliability for network configuration
  • Intelligent and efficient alarm management
  • Simultaneous Loaded Route monitoring in ECDIS, Radar & Conning
  • ECDIS Master Station status changeover to any MFD station
  • Simultaneous network operation of two Radar Integrator Board (RIB-2) cards is possible, one for each workstation
  • Distribution of radar pictures from all available radars within MFD network
  • Chart correction, route and user database synchronization at all workstations and applications
  • Order charts, charts corrections and weather forecasts online via ship communication station protected by CISCO firewall