Solution for large or busy ports and Regional and National Scale Systems

Transas Navi-Harbour is a high-tech extensible solution designed to enhance the delivery of maritime safety and efficiency of navigation and to protect the marine environment and adjacent shore areas from the possible adverse effects of marine traffic. Navi-Harbour becomes the solution of choice when systems become large scale either in geographical area or traffic volumes, or the integration of a number of existing Navi-Monitor VTMS sites becomes necessary.


  • Vessel traffic management and safety provision in large-scale high-density ports
  • Efficient utilisation of port infrastructure (supports ISPS code compliance)
  • Improve the quality of port services
  • Improve economic performance by operational cost savings and increased efficiency of port operations
  • Large scale planning and traffic coordination in regional or national areas
  • Detection of illegal activity
  • To enhance safety of life and property
  • Reduce risk associated with marine operations
  • Provide primary support for collision avoidance
  • Mitigate consequences of incidents, accidents and disasters
  • Environmental protection
  • Distribute VTS-related information to interested parties
  • Store VTS data for administrative purposes and analysis of incidents
  • Provide assistance in search and rescue and to coastguard


  • Radar, AIS, CCTV, RDF, Meteo-Hydro sensors support and control
  • Multi-radar tracking integration
  • Multi-sensor (Radar and AIS) tracking integration
  • Multi-AIS data filtering and integration
  • Manual or automatic targets acquisition and drop
  • Manual or automatic target identification
  • Radar video presentation
  • AIS dynamic and static data presentation
  • Transmission and reception of AIS text telegrams
  • Targets simulation (creation, modification, tracking)
  • Route management (creation of route lines, routes, route targets mode
    • associated alarms generation, route point ETA calculation, Route Profile tool)
  • Target pairs mutual calculations/operations (target pairs table, target pairs operations)
  • Target maneuver prediction (radar tracking in ‘shadow areas’)
  • Sophisticated zones configuration e.g. traffic, guard, auto-acquisition, responsibility etc.
  • Comprehensive configurable Alarms management including Navigation and Sensor alarms
  • Record and Playback
  • Extensive Chart functionality including chart editing and S-57 support
  • Full system and sensor diagnostics
  • Multi-operator concept – define workspace configuration independently for each operator on watch
  • Secure system configuration – operators accounts are protected by name/password
  • Network planning for large-scale and geographically spread systems with complex communication networks (Regional VTM, National VTM)